Juicing for Health Benefits – Feel Amazing

Many of us are juicing for health benefits these days.

Losing unwanted weight is a big issue for many of us.

I lost 50 lbs with the help of my trusted juicer, my best friend.        

Anyone can do this if they put their mind to it.

Trust yourself to make the right decisions when it comes to your health and well-being.

If you’re second guessing what you are consuming most likely you are better of not eating or drinking it at all.

Most of the times our ‘gut’ instinct is way better than we give ourselves credit for.

Juicing for Health Benefits

Begin your juicing journey here with some awesome information I put together; making it a bit easier for you to go forward with your new juicer. 

Typically, juicing requires equipment that is made for extracting the liquids from veggies and fruits.
Unlike a blender, the juicer works by removing the pulp leaving behind only liquid. 

You can purchase a home juicing machine for anywhere from $50 to over $300.

In my home, we use the Omega Juicer as it’s been with me forever and has helped me get to my optimal health.

Juicing machines use special blades to chop up your vegetables and fruits into very tiny bits and then spins those in a way that will separate the juice from the pulp.

Living in the UK?  Click here for more information on these products in your area. 

In doing this, the fiber is removed and only the juice  remains. 

The juice you drink is quickly absorbed into system giving you a quick boost as opposed to a blended drink; having to wait for the fiber and pulp to be digested first. 

The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center is a masticating style juicer. Sometimes referred to as a low-speed juicer, the Nutrition Center of this juicer processes at 80RPM, whereas most other juicers process at a speed of 1,650 to 15,000RPM.

The low speed protects and maintains healthy enzymes, prevents oxidation and allows juice to be stored up to 72 hours without compensating its quality or integrity.

  • Low-speed rpm is just the speed that is needed for juicing wheatgrass.
  • Low-speed rpm helps keep the integrity of the nutrients in its place.
  • Too high  rpm; you wind up losing all necessary nutrients you are juicing for in the first place.

juicing for healthy living

Remember – Juicing is NOT blending

The common question that is often asked is  “What’s the difference between blending and juicing” 
Many people think juicing and blending are one and the same. It’s not at all the same with distinct differences.

Here are some differences between the two …

While you are juicing, the machine extracts the juice, where the water and most nutrients remain, thus leaving behind pulp.

When blending, the pulp is pulverized and blended into the smoothie; therefore no leftover pulp.

 The simplest way to ask yourself if you are juicing or blending is
“is the machine I am using removing the pulp or not?”
  if it is not
then you are juicing.

To blend or to juice; which is better?                   

They are equally nutrient dense. However you choose to ingest them, that is the better way.

Personally, I like juicing better.

My body does not feel as bloated or full from juicing.  

So, it’s a personal choice but both are equally good for your body.

blender smoothie recipes

When  juicing, you’re removing the insoluble fiber, also known as the pulp.

Another word for pulp is fiber.

Fiber keeps the digestive tract healthy and also slows down the absorption of sugar – great,  yes?

Fiber also slows down the absorption of nutrients.

Juicing extracts up to 70% of nutrition, and leaving the soluble fiber out your body is absorbing 100% of these juiced nutrients.

The body will lose weight faster by juicing and not blending.

People are juicing for health benefits daily.

The health benefits of drinking freshly juiced veggies and fruits have been studied for a long time now and  many are taking advantage of their new found knowledge, creating a much healthier environment for their bodies to inhabit. 

Fruit and Vegetable juices retain their minerals and phytonutrients (the plant chemicals we want to keep) that are found in the whole food version when not juiced.  

A good juicer will not destroy these important nutrients. 

You are able to consume more of these minerals and vitamins in volume when juicing, protecting yourself against cardiovascular disease, cancer and various other inflammatory diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis. 

Flavonoids and anthocyanins are plentiful in fruits and vegetables, helping your cells avoid oxidative cellular stressors.  Research has shown oxidative stress causes inflammation in the body which can lead to all kinds of physical ailments, including cancer.     (source)   

  Juicing for Health Benefits

Another great question that is often asked is:

Is juicing safe for diabetics?

When a diabetic person consumes sugar their blood glucose level increases. 
Fruits contain fructose and, therefore, can cause spikes in the blood glucose levels.

When juicing fruits many are often used, not just one or two. 

It is wiser for a diabetic person to juice vegetables and not fruit.
If a you have diabetes it’s best to consult with your health care practitioner first before embarking on a juicing regimen. 

There are many people who have diabetes that have turned to juicing as a way to change their lives entirely.

A shocking 347 million people worldwide have diabetes, according to the World Health Organization.  

5 percent of UK’s population has diabetes and in the U.S.A, it’s 10 percent of the population. This does not include the population that is prediabetic.  

Diabetes can have serious health complications. Most of these problems can be avoided with proper lifestyle changes.  What you eat and how often you move your body can dramatically change your course as a diabetic individual.  (source)

So, for whatever reason you are choosing to begin juicing it’s good to know that many are doing it and benefiting hugely.  

I honestly don’t know where I’d be without my juicer.
Juicing has changed my life for the better in many ways.

The key is maintaining a balance with everything you do.

Everyone has different needs as far as one’s dietary intake, nutritional and otherwise.
Sometimes you will want or need to juice and other times you will only want to blend.  

Sometimes you will want pulp and other times you will not.

If you’re looking to do a cleanse and you want to give your digestive system a break but are still wanting to take in as many nutrients as possible, juicing will take you there.  It can be the cleanse of a lifetime if done right.

If you are simply needing to take some time off from eating too much but still want to consume lots of fiber and other healthy fats, then blending smoothies will provide you the necessary ingredients.

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22 Replies to “Juicing for Health Benefits – Feel Amazing”

  1. Juicing has been a popular health trend here in the US for a number of years, with new juice bars popping up everywhere I go. I’m always shocked by the high prices but they seem able to get away with charging $8-$12 per drink. I usually use a juicer at home that my young adult son purchased in high school and left at home when he went off to college. It seems adequate but now I’m wondering if the one you recommend might be worth looking into down the road or if he ever decides to ask for his back. Appreciate the tip for diabetics; my husband has diabetes and loves to juice using fruit. I’ll share this with him and stop being the nagging wife which doesn’t seem to be working:)

    1. You’re right! Nagging wives rarely get their points across.  the juicers I am recommending are ones that I have used personally.  They have not let me down !!  thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. I would love to try juicing but the cost of a juicer is pretty high. Can you recommend another machine that would be a good starting point? Thank you for your clear and concise information. I wondered about the difference and it seems to be rather a personal choice too. I have asked others about this and they have said juicing is not as healthy as blending but now I can clearly see the difference. Thank you so much.

    1. I have heard the bullet to be a good starting point, my mother uses it and she loves it. However, if you are serious about juicing, especially wheatgrass, it’s best to invest in a better juicer for its longevity. thank you for your comment 🙂

  3. Hello here. Thanks for the informative article about the importance of juicing and what kind of juicer to choose.

    I have a juicer and now i blend, because juicing fruits tasted too much like sugar. I felt it and bought blender.

    Now I use juicer for vegetables and blender for smoothies, mixing fruits with vegetables.

    I heard that Omega juicer is a sturdy and dependable machine.

    The Omega Juicer works for a very long time and can last forever if taken care of properly.

    Happy juicing, Nemira.

  4. Some time ago I read the book Turbo Charge Your Life. The author talked a lot about juicing and how healthy it is to drink fresh juices made of vegetables.
    I bought my own juicer some time later and started to prepare vegetable juices. They’re tasty if you add the right ingredients. Of course it’s best if the vegetables are fresh, so I think spring and summer are the best times for preparing such smoothies.
    What I don’t like about preparing these juices is that there’s quite a lot of washing afterwards. 🙂

  5. I think juicing is a great way to get a lot of vital nutrients that helps our body function properly. Unfortunately it doesn’t help too much with fiber, but that’s ok. We can always get our fiber from other fibrous foods. I like the fact that juicing can be very good in taste without all the added processed sugars that mainstream drinks have in stores. It can also keep the daily calories down which is a huge component of weight loss. Great stuff 😀

    1. I like doing both, juicing and blending. It adds variety and allows for all necessary fiber.

      I lost close to 50 lbs juicing but I was also very aware of caloric intake as well as fiber.

      Thanks for your comment!

  6. Your website looks great! I have always been curious about Juicing but have never tried it. It’s nice to read the benefits and what the difference is between juicing and smoothies. Will you be offering recipes? I hope to try this some day and start adding more nutrients into my day. Maybe I can get my kids to like it too.

    1. Recipes, yes! Many others have been asking for juicing and blending recipes as well. Kids love a well made smoothie. I have no doubt your kids will be inspired once they try what you make for them, be it a smoothie or a juiced drink! They’re both loaded with all sorts of vitamins. Thanks for your comment!

  7. Hi, thanks for sharing such distinction between juicing and blending. I bought a slow juicer few months ago and is costing me $500. What I did was juice a day and drink a week. Will it cause any problem to my health if I prepare a week of juice in advance, store in the fridge and consume within a week?

    1. Hi, I know others that prepare ahead and store their juices in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. There are times I do this as well. Be certain it’s not more than 1 week and make sure the temperature of your refrigerator is no less than 32 degrees or more than 40 degrees Fahrenheit (0-4 degrees Celsius.) Thanks for your comment!

  8. Great article. I am an athlete and have been researching and learning about juicing for some time now. I am going to start juicing as a way to improve the quality of my life. I am a strength athlete and I was wondering if you think juicing will help athletic performance? I can’t wait to start juicing.

    1. Athletes are beginning to recognize Juicing for health benefits.

      Take the Beetroot Juice!

      This one powerful root veggie is loaded with nitrates which will increase blood flow by opening up your blood vessels delivering oxygen to your muscles!

      This will improve cardiovascular endurance, so absolutely! Juicing will definitely improve your athletic performance!!

      Good luck!

      Thank you for your comment =)

  9. Before reading your article, I honestly thought that using a blender and setting in on puree would be the same as juicing. That is as long as it had been cored, skinned etc.

    I now know that a juicer does all that for you, saving time and effort. I would imagine that the texture is not chunky or course either.

    I have been thinking about juicing but have a few questions. Can you juice a large batch at one time and if so does it freeze well? I ask because it seems like a lot to go thru just for one glass of juice.

    1. You can juice ahead and jar the juice if that is what you want to do. Just make sure your refrigerator is cold enough, not below 32 Fahrenheit or above 40 Fahrenheit.

      I have never frozen any of my juices and I wouldn’t recommend it either.

      The point to juicing is to drink live foods immediately for maximum benefit. It is a lot of work but it’s definitely worth it for health and longevity.

      Thanks for your comment!

  10. Really enjoyed your take on juicing and juicing for health benefits.

    I agree that juicing is a great way to get a fast dose of vitamins and is awesome for shedding extra pounds, but I’m also a big proponent on eating fresh fruits and veggies to do exactly what you’r talking about with fiber – slow down the digestive process.

    If you just finished exercising, juicing is awsome. But eating fresh fruits and veggies allows the body’s cells to absorb the water and nutrients at a slower rate and that allows for better hydration of our cells.

    Also slowing down sugar absorption is a good thing.

    Great post,


  11. Great website with lots of interesting information! It is indeed important to incorporate the fruits and vegetables into our diet to stay healthy, and one of the easiest way to do it through juicing and blending. I would say that using organic stuff would be better as they are using pesticide or insecticide to grow.Thanks for sharing with us. I enjoyed reading it 🙂

    1. Absolutely yes, organic is the way to go. I only use organics when I juice my fruits and vegetables.

      Thank you for leaving a comment!

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