Healthy Juicing Recipes

You want to begin juicing but you’re not sure where to begin.

If you are new to juicing the question of whether you need a blender or a juicer is often the first question people ask.

It’s understandable that you’re not sure as it would seem likely that both blending and juicing’s end result is pretty much the same.  

There are differences between a blender and a juicer. 

It’s best to understand what those differences are before you begin your juicing journey.
I have both blending recipes and juicing recipes here for your convenience. 

Either one you choose is still a better choice than not doing any of it at all.

We wind up consuming more fruits and vegetables by utilizing these machines so it’s good to get to know them and make
owning either a blender or a juicer a part of your life and a trusted added appliance to your kitchen, 

We have both a blender and a juicer for our various needs in our family home. 

The Omega Juicer is best for juicing.  

Juicing Benefits

  • Quick energy boost.  All the fiber is removed so the vitamin, enzymes, and minerals will enter your bloodstream immediately once consumed.
  • Quick nutritional boost. Since you body instantly absorbs all nutrients you will feel refreshed and revitalized quickly.
  • No bloating or feelings of heaviness. Drinking a full glass of juice will leave you feeling light in your body.
  • Easy to digest. Since the fiber is removed thru juicing, the body has an easier time digesting the remaining nutrients.

The Omega Juicer is what our family used for years and is still using to this day.
It is a slow masticating juicer that helps keep the integrity of your juices without compromising its nutrients.

The Vitamix Blender is best for blending.

Blending Benefits

  • Less sugar.  Fruits are higher in sugar than vegetables.
    Our bodies absorb and use sugar at a slower pace when the fiber and  juice are consumed together.
  • There is more fiber.
    Blending your veggies and fruits retain all the excellent digestive fiber.
  • A complete meal. If you add a bit of nut butter, coconut oil or avocado, you have yourself a complete meal.
    You can  have all your vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber, protein and some good fat with blending.
  • Cleanup is easier. When done with juicing, you have to take apart the whole juicer for cleaning the pulp mess.
    cleaning up after blending is simple – rinse the blender and put it away.

When blending the Vitamix and Breville Super Blender are my two favorite picks.

They are both great for hard to blend ingredients such as avocado, nut butter and other heavy ingredients you would never use your juicer for.
Both have been around for years and people love them because they last long and work every time with easy clean-up.

So, it’s really up to you as the user to determine whether you want to juice or blend.

Personally, having the option is always better, but if I had to begin with one or the other, I’d opt for juicing.
It’s what helped me lose the unwanted weight while keeping me very healthy.  

Owning both a juicer and a blender is great if you can keep them in your kitchen.

I chose a juicer when I began juicing for weight loss because of less fiber content and instant nutrition.

 Blending Recipes for Smoothies:

Apples and Raspberries     juicing recipes                                                       

1 red apple
1 cup fresh raspberries
1/8 honeydew melon
1 large kale leaf
1 handful of baby greens
1 lemon (juice only)
1 sm banana
water and ice

Fill your blender with water and some ice, add kale, greens, and apple.
Blend until smooth, then add remaining ingredients.

Grape and Pearjuicing recipes

1 cup green grapes
1 pear
1 cup kale
1 orange (peeled)
1 banana (optional)
water and ice

Fill blender with as much water/ice as you like and add kale.
Blend until smooth. Add fruit. Pulse blend until desired consistency.

Outrageously healthy Green Drink 

1 bunch watercress                                                                                           juicing recipes
1 green apple
1 lime (peeled)
1/4 English cucumber
4 mint leaves
1 banana (optional)
water and ice

Fill blender with as much water/ice as you like,  add ingredients.
Blend until smooth.

Peaches with Spinach (yes it’s good –  great easy one kids will love)juicing recipes
packs a punch of nutrients.

4 whole peaches
1-2 cups spinach

Fill blender with as much water/ice as you like and add ingredients.
Blend until smooth.

Mango and Mint              juicing recipes                                    

1 cup mango
2 cups lettuce greens
5 large mint leaves
1/2 lemon (juice)
1/2 lime (juice)
1 banana (optional)
water and ice

Fill blender with as much water/ice as you like, adding mint and greens.
Blend until smooth. Add fruit. Pulse-blend until desired consistency.

Strawberry and Mango             

3 strawberries              juicing recipes
1 kiwi
1 mango
3 big basil leaves
2 large collard leaves (remove stem)

Fill blender with as much water as you like.
Add collard greens and basil.
Blend until smooth, then add fruit.
Pulse-blend until desired consistency.

Strawberries and Pomegranate 

6 strawberries                                                                                     juicing recipes
1 cup pomegranate seeds
1 red apple
1 stalk celery
1 peach
1 handful red grapes
2 handfuls fresh spinach
1 banana (optional)

Fill blender with as much water as you like. Then add ingredients.
Blend until smooth.

Juicing Recipes for nutrient-packed juices:

Beet Juice (my personal favorite)juicing recipes

1 sm handful of parsley
1 sm beet
1 sm head broccoli
1 fuji apple
1/2 sweet potato
1 yellow pepper

Juice all together

Apple Juice with zest

juicing recipes

2 green apples
2 handfuls of arugula
1 handful cilantro
1 tiny about of jalapeno
1 1/2 cups coconut water

Juice all together

All Veggie Juice

1 large cucumber
1 tsp. organic olive oil
1 sm green bell pepper
1 beet
2 stalks celery
1 sm lemon juiced to taste

Juice together then shake

Orange Juice Delight

2 oranges       juicing recipes
2 kiwi fruits
1 papaya (seeded)
1 carrot

Juice all together

Plums and Raspberries (Yum)            

juicing recipes                                                                              

2 pitted black plums
1/2 cup raspberries
1/2 cup fresh strawberries
1/2 cup cranberry juice

Juice all together

Melon with Veggies

1/2 sweet onion  juicing recipes
1 apple
2 beets
2 carrots
2 celery stalks
1 apple

Juice all together

Orange Yogurt Drinkjuicing recipes

2 ripe bananas (frozen are best)
2 oranges
3/4 cup almond milk (unsweetened)
1/2 cup vanilla yogurt (or 3/4 tsp vanilla extract (pure)
6 ice-cubes

Here you will need both a blender and a juicer.

First  juice your oranges.

Place frozen bananas, almond milk, juiced oranges and vanilla yogurt (or vanilla extract) with the ice into a blender and blend until smooth.

This is my all time favorite drink.  It reminds me of my childhood drinking Orange Julius – loved it then and love it now.

There is a difference between juicing and blending both are good for its own benefits.

Live in the UK?  Click here for more information on where you can look at the same juicer I’ve been using for years.

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