Difference Between a Blender and a Juicer – what are they?

What is the difference between a blender and a juicer?


  • Blenders are used for creating smoothies.
  • A smoothie typically is blended whole foods.
  • Everything added remains except the non-edibles such as the banana peel.
  • Generally, smoothie recipes are thicker and creamier than juicing recipes.


  • Juicers are used for creating a thinner less bulky beverage. 
  • All vegetables and fruits can be juiced.
  • Juicing extracts juice and only juice from vegetables or fruits.
  • All fiber and pulp are removed by this extraction method.
  • Nutrients assimilate quickly into your bloodstream without extra fiber and pulp.

Juicing your vegetables and fruits will give you an immediate boost.  The juice enters your body quickly and feeds your cells immediately. There is no digestion required as there is with blended smoothies.

You can use a blender to make a pulpy fiber-rich juice, however, it is not possible to create a smoothie utilizing a juicer.

People typically look for the best blender when making green smoothies.

Folks are acknowledging the incredible healthy benefits to eating super foods, and so they are searching out ways to make their lives easier with a decent long lasting blender.

Which is better, to juice or to blend? 

Differences between a blender and juicer


Benefits to Blending your foods:

  • Blending is quick and easy.
  • When blending, you are drinking the entire food, nothing left behind (expect any peel).
  • Healthy fats such as almond butter, avocado, beans can be used while blending.
  • The pulp and fiber are included with a smoothie. 

Benefits to Juicing your foods:

  • Juicing allows you to drink nutrients of huge amounts of veggies and fruits in just one glass.
  • Because the fiber and pulp are left out, the juice immediately enters into your bloodstream.
  • It is possible to drink way more in volume than you can with smoothies.
  • Your digestive system doesn’t have to work hard breaking down the fibrous solid foods.

Both are great but ….

If you are ready to do a cleanse or if you’re feeling your digestion needs a break, but you still want to take in as many nutrient packed vitamins, minerals as possible, juicing is the way to go.

If you are wanting to take a break from the volume of foods you’ve been ingesting and digesting, but you still need to have sufficient healthy meals, with lots of fiber and healthy fats, smoothies work best.

Are you interested in finding the right juicer for beginning a juicing program?

If you are, please click this link to learn about the same type of juicer I’ve been using for years now with excellent results. Juicing has helped me in many considerable ways and it’s for this reason I’ve created healthy emerald, so I can share with all of you reading this in hopes to inspire you to do the same.

Nothing feels as good as being healthy.

The best blender for making smoothies is the one that can pulverize essentially all ingredients you put into it.

My two favorite blenders:

Breville 910XL Boss Blender

#1 Breville
 Super Blender. 

The Best Blender for making smoothies is the Breville (Boss) Superblender.

This blender has option buttons with five pre-set functions, which helps with a variety of recipes.

You can create anything from soups to frozen desserts.

Product Description:

The Boss features a High-Velocity ProKinetix Blade and Bowl System that pulverizes virtually any combination of ingredients, which creates up to 50-percent smaller particles than traditional blending.

This incredibly fine texture helps increases absorption of nutrients plus creates a smoother taste that traditional blenders have not been able to achieve.

Breville Boss Key Features:

ProKinetix Blade plus Bowl System designed with 3 powerful stainless steel blades shaped to the base of the container.

Have you ever tried to clean a blender and get to the pulverized area where all the ‘leftover’ foods are?
I’ve tried using tiny brushes to help but to no avail.
I would go as far as soaking it in very hot water, but the pulverized food would still be caked on there and hard to remove.

This unique design won’t allow food to get trapped beneath the blades, which is a huge win for me. Super clean appliances and kitchen tools are extremely important in my home.

Breville Blender The Boss

No problem pulverizing any combination of foods to a silky smooth texture with these powerful stainless steel blades creating a super fine texture.  

Easy clean up; there is no place for pulverized food to hide.

This is a big deal for me as I really dislike food being caught beneath the blade.

Five programs for preset function

  • smoothie
  • frozen dessert
  • green smoothie
  • soup
  • pulse/ice crush

Pre-set functions take away guesswork which allows you to focus more on the recipe you are creating; soups especially.

For precision control

  • A manual speed selector of up to 12 speeds.
  • Super slow stir up to a high mill.
  • Great for:
  • Natural Nut Butters
  • Nut & Bean Milks
  • Stir or Blend Cocktails
  • Finely Milled Flours
  • Creamy Dips
  • Rich Sauces
  • Freshly Ground Spices
  • Zesty Dressings
  • and much more

Product Details:

  • Two peak horsepower motor
  • 5 one-touch preset functions
  • Variable Speed Dial great for precision blending
  • High-Velocity ProKinetix Blades and Bowl System pulverizes any combination of ingredients
  • LCD backlit display for easy to operate controls
  • Timer function makes it easy to set-and-forget convenience
  • Dedicated Cleaning Function
  • Lid is tight-fitting and vented to allow steam to escape; especially good when blending hot soups
  • Breville’s Ring Assist for easy opening and closing
  • BPA-free Tritan Jug

Live in the UK? Click here for more information on these same products in your area.

Product: Breville Super Blender
Price: $399.95
Cheapest place to buy: Amazon.com
Product Guarantee: 7 Year full warranty
Average Customer Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

best blender for smoothies

#2  Vitamix 7500 Blender.

The Best Blender for creating dishes which are thick and rich, such as Tofu, Almond Butter, Nut butter, Hummus, all sorts of Beans, the Vitamix 7500 blender’s design works great.

The blades produce smooth, rich blending without a bumpy texture which is typically found with other blenders.

Utilizing the tamper which comes with it helps push down ingredients directly into the spinning blades; creating the smoothness in the final recipe. 

The Vitamix Blender has a strong reputation for delivering a high level of satisfaction.

It’s been around for a long time and people are still turning to this work-horse for their blending needs.

  • The new Vitamix 7500 design includes a high-performance motor for faster and easier processing, and ultra-responsive controls making it excellent for handling.
  • Similar to Vitamix commercial blenders, the new vibration dampening, and enhanced airflow management, dramatically reduces any noise during use.
  • Refresh your  recipes and create a variety of textures using the Variable Speed Control and Pulse feature.
  • BPA-Free 64 oz.  the container stores easily under most cabinets

juicing recipes

  • This blender is Powerful!  2.2 peak output horsepower motor propels the blade up to 240 mph, making this a great blender for tough ingredients such as beans, hummus, and many other tough foods. 
  • This new design features an illuminated control panel, making it easy to see in dim rooms, soft grip controls, and an easy grip handle.
  • Lid is spill proof which is removable, and also seals securely while allowing for ingredients to be added during processing.
  • Your new Vitamix comes with a 7-year full warranty

Benefits to the Vitamix 7500

The Vitamix 7500 will pulverize all berries such as strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries.
You may see a few seeds present after pulverizing as the seeds are very small, but they will be suspended in the fiber of the berries along with whatever else your are blending.

This blender pulverizes everything you put into it.
All kinds of Nuts and all kinds of Veggies.
Tough veggies such as Kale pulverizes silky smooth.

The Vitamix has no issues with making a small single smoothie.
The smallest smoothie, a 16oncer comes out excellent.

Small batches work great.

Cleaning up the Vitamix is quick and easy.
No complicated unassembled parts that need putting away.
Just rinse the container, wipe down the base and you’re done. 

The cookbook that comes with it offers up some great easy following recipes, ones you’d never dream up on your own.

If for whatever reason you are not happy with your new Vitamix, return and receive a full refund.

Live in the UK? Click here for more information on these products in your area. 

Product: Vitamix 7500
Price: $528.95 (retail)
Cheapest place to buy: Amazon.com
Product Guarantee: 7 Year full warranty
Average Customer Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Below are different types of blenders and juicers to choose from, all here for your browsing!

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12 Replies to “Difference Between a Blender and a Juicer – what are they?”

  1. I have a Vitamix. I love it! I have to put all of my food through a G-Peg feeding tube so if I use regular food instead of some form of Ensure, then the food has to be extremely well pureed. No chunks and no seeds. I have discovered that blueberries and strawberries still clog up much tube, even after putting them through the blender. But, my family loves to make smoothies with those berries and like them. The Vitamix blender works super with preparing most other foods though. I would be happy to help endorse the Vitamix!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time and writing. Your attitude and your story is very important for others to know and read about!! Thank you for your comment !!!


  2. I recently got rid of my juicer and have been creating smoothies like crazy with my blender. I prefer smoothies over juice because it fills you up and you really do feel full for longer.

    Having a good blender is so important if you make smoothies often. The Vitamix is hands down my favorite and I would recommend it to anyone.

  3. Thanks for your review on the differences between a blender and a juicer. This truly has given me more insight on their various uses and purposes.

    I know your readers will find it very much informative as i have done and learn a lot from their various uses as it will help in blending and making juice the right and healthy way

  4. Your site is very professional, and I like the teal color throughout your site. I like the differences you bring up between the juicer and the blender. I honestly did not know there were any differences at all!

    Question about the blenders, do they have removable blades? I know you mentioned the Breville was easy to clean. I always get frustrated when I shred sponges trying to clean a blender.

    Good job,


  5. I never really thought about juicing and blending as two different actions. You give excellent points on the benefits from each. The detailed breakdown of each blender gives the reader an ample amount of information on which they can make a decision. An article definitely to read if looking for a blender. Great job!

  6. You’ve got a great post here with some great reviews.

    It’s nice to have a few reviews on one page so you can view and compare them easily. Would you say the juicer or blender is better for weightloss? Which is cheaper to run?

    I love your site also, so informative on how to be healthier.

    I look forward to reading more.


  7. I’ve always wondered what the difference was between blending and juicing and you’ve explained it succinctly in this post.
    I’m starting a new years diet and am now going to go with using the juicer as it appears to help with weight loss.
    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I will have to look further into the type of juicer to buy, especially as these seem to be of american origin and I live in the UK unless the Omega juicer is available here? I would prefer not to have it delivered from th US, too risky. Thanks for the info. Ches

    1. Hi Ches, Good luck on your new year’s diet! It’s a great time of year to begin something new, especially when it comes to taking better care of yourself. I provided you a link to the place you can purchase in the UK.

      Hope this helps,
      and thanks for your comment!

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