Coconut Oil and Health Benefits – Weight Loss, Skin and Hair

Coconut Oil and Health Benefits

Is coconut a fruit, nut or seed?

Many people ask this question, and the answer is all three!

Described botanically, a coconut is a fibrous one-seeded drupe, also known as a dry drupe.

However, when using basic loose definitions, the great coconut can be defined as all three: a fruit, a seed, and a nut.

Coconut oil and health benefits are many.

Modern medicine is only beginning to fully understand and recognize  the benefits of this incredible substance, alternative health care practitioners  are saying this oil is the most versatile natural oil on the market today.

The cultures that have utilized coconut oil for health benefits show healthier, better radiance to their skin, hair and nails, and feel overall more energetic.

The benefits of coconut oil:

  • Supports your immune system
  • Increases digestion
  • Promotes lean body mass
  • Helps control blood sugar
  • Heart Health is improved
  • Fat-soluble vitamins are more easily absorbed
  • Better functioning thyroid, helping increase your metabolism
  • Your body is encouraged to use fat for energy rather than storing.
  • Your hair and skin benefits when applied topically.
  • Coconut oil has been found to have anti-aging and regenerative effects on your skin.

Using coconut oil as part of your regular diet will help you restore your body’s thyroid function and health.
The oil helps assist cells and systems of your body that help regulate and produce hormones throughout your body.

Your body can easily metabolize coconut oil making it a great long lasting source of energy.
Many people use coconut oil as a caffeine- like boost leaving out the negative side effects like high blood pressure and or headaches from crashing.

Coconut oil is a great way to stay energized all day long, keeping you active while keeping the hunger pangs away.

The powerful gastrointestinal antioxidant elements, in the coconut, as well as the anti-inflammatory benefits, make coconut oil a great way to help keep your stomach, balanced and regulated, making digestion easier as well as helping the body to fully absorb and utilize all important nutrients digested.

When coconut oil is taken with meals, it has been shown to help the absorption of amino acids, vitamins, proteins and minerals.

The Journal of Nutrition found in a recent study; coconut oil helps to greatly increase and boost metabolism levels.

If you want to lose weight and want to burn more fat, coconut oil has been found to help burn fat by creating the highest of metabolism levels in the body.

Researchers have found that just two tablespoons of coconut oil each day in your diet resulted in more fat burning and higher levels of metabolism than in those who do not consume coconut oil.

An increase in metabolism helps burn excess weight in a healthy way.

Coconut oil is high in fatty acids and good fats. It is known that these fatty acids and good fats help to nourish the brain, as well as improve brain function.

Though research is ongoing and not conclusive, some see coconut oil as being a potential cure for Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, anxiety, and depression. 

Coconut oil has long been used for dry, wrinkled, cracked and irritated skin. Because of its high content of fatty acids and natural oils, it quickly absorbs into your skin and soaks deep into all layers.

It has been used to help prevent stretch marks, and it is known for its antiseptic properties, helping your skin look and feel young and healthy giving it a beautiful radiance.  It’s all I’ve ever needed for a very long time now, and my skin is great because of it.


Coconut Oil For Cooking

Coconut Oil and Health Benefits

Other oils based from seeds, vegetable and nuts do not have a high smoking point.

Coconut oil can tolerate a high heat better than other oils and will not become rancid or oxidize at higher temperatures the way most other oils will.

This means more nutrients will remain in your food with fewer toxins.

I have replaced all my cooking oils with coconut oil, and I have gone so far as to replace all my butter needs with coconut oil.  Coconut Oil has less saturated fat than butter and is much healthier overall.

Juicing fruit for a smoothie and adding coconut to the mix is another great way to utilize coconut.

The taste is magnificent and the health benefits are supreme.


Coconut Oil Hair Benefits

What to do:

For damaged hair, use coconut oil to help reduce protein loss.

Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which has a liking for hair protein, and which can easily penetrate the hair shaft.

Because  its low molecular weight, coconut oil can easily and deeply penetrate the hair shaft.

There’s a good reason why so many conditioners contain coconut oil; it’s better able to deeply penetrate hair and has been also known to prevent hair loss. 

  • Apply a teaspoon of coconut oil to your hair, by warming it first, then comb it through.
  • Place your hair into a loose, comfortable bun, or braid into a loose fitting braid.
  • Do this at night time so you can leave in your hair overnight to allow deep conditioning.
  • Place a towel over your pillow to protect it.
  • You can also use a shower cap if you don’t want your hair to be in contact with your pillow.
  • When you shower in the morning, shampoo as usual with a gentle shampoo cleanser.

Your hair will look and feel amazing!

Coconut Oil and Health Benefits



Which coconut oil is best?

There is refined versus unrefined coconut oil.

Refined Coconut Oil

Hazardous bacteria and pathogens are a possibility when purchasing refined coconut oil. This oil is extracted from the already dried ‘meat’ of the coconut.

 The meat of the coconut is manufactured in the open air, which makes it susceptible to pathogens, which then leads to a manufacturing method known as “bleaching”.

This method, known as “bleaching”  is a certain type of clay, used to filter out its impurities.

Refined coconut oil is not an unhealthy choice, as it still provides excellent fatty acids, but the quality is compromised and nutrients are not the same as unrefined coconut oil.

Be cautious when buying refined coconut oil. Avoid purchasing coconut oil that uses harsh solvents or are made with oil byproducts such as dried coconut flakes. There are refined coconut oils that use chemical free methods of manufacturing.

But, if you’re going to purchase a coconut oil product, why not buy the better manufacturing method, and know you’re getting the best.

Unrefined Coconut Oil

This type of coconut oil is directly extracted from the meat and is not dried.

After extraction, the unrefined coconut oil is pressed at a low heat and then filtered. The low heat allows it to maintain its biologically active antioxidants and phenol compounds.

The coconut oil is left in its virgin state after pressing, making unrefined coconut oil safe for ingestion; all chemicals, deodorization and bleaching methods are left out, making this type of oil the best for consumption. 

Typically, the unrefined coconut oil has a stronger coconut flavor, and its color may be slightly off white in color since bleaching is not used while processing. 

The taste is rich, and its texture is smooth. It tastes more like the real thing because it is.

Unrefined coconut oil is not subject to high levels of heat during processing, such as is the refined coconut oil.

The taste and smell of unrefined coconut oil are much truer in flavor than that of refined.

When you buy Organic Coconut Oil, you are purchasing from coconut farms that are not using chemical fertilizers or any pesticides.

Best Coconut to buy 

I have used Organic Coconut Oil for many years now.

There are many to choose from and I’ve tried most of them.

I use a great one that stays consistent and reliable each and every time I buy it.

I use it every day for my cooking, baking, stir fry and toast!

I have a bottle in my bathroom, which is solely used for my after shower skin conditioner, and weekly deep hair conditioning.

By applying coconut oil to your skin daily, you will increase your skin’s elasticity, as well as nourish it deeply.

Coconut Oil and Health Benefits
Click this image for more info.

Coconut Oil and Health Benefits

Order your bottle today and receive this to your home in a short amount of time. You will soon be benefiting from this great Organic Coconut Oil and using it for all its great purposes.


If you or anyone you know experienced the amazing results of this incredible oil, please let us know in the comments section below.  
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28 Replies to “Coconut Oil and Health Benefits – Weight Loss, Skin and Hair”

  1. I loved reading this article. Its really good to find something that has gone into so much detail on this subject.

    I believe many people are becoming more aware of the health benefits now of coconut oil. I try to make sure all my personal clients know them.

    I think I will be showing them this article from now on as it explains everything much better then I do

  2. Coconut oil really is one of those amazing gifts of the earth. There are SOOO many uses for it. I make my own beard oil… Coconut oil is one of the most important ingredients involved. It does WONDERS for your skin and hair.

    Awesome article. You really covered all of the benefits of coconut oil! Thanks!

    1. Awesome!! My husband uses coconut oil for his beard as well!!

      Yes, all of coconut oil’s benefits are amazing.

      Thank you for your comment!!

  3. I personally love coconut oil and cannot recommend it enough! so many great benefits and don’t you think it’s such a refreshing fruit too? the smell of it is wonderful! I personally use it for teeth lightening and it’s great. I love he website, it’s very neatly written and offers a good layout to the benefits of coconut oil. Meanwhile the themes also catch my eye.

    1. Thank you for your very sweet comment. I try hard to do my best and will continue to do so.

      Please stop by again as I am still growing my site and will love your input as it expands.

      Many thanks,


  4. Eek I love coconut oil. I keep jars in the house. I make hair masks, a sugar scrub, face masks and cook with it too! Even though I use it for several purposes, it lasts forever because you only need to use tiny bits for everything.
    I like how you mention to get ORGANIC. It really is important. I won’t use anything that isn’t unrefined and organic.

    1. So happy I’m not the only one using Coconut Oil for just about everything 🙂

      And YES!! Organic is the only way to go 🙂

      I appreciate your comment and please do come by and visit again as my site keeps expanding with new information.

      Meherbani 🙂

  5. I have only recently got into using coconut oil, although after having read your article, I think I need to use it more often in cooking. It’s so expensive though compared to olive oil. But by the sounds of what you have written, it’s well worth it.

    I must use it for hair too, I have often bought coconut shampoo but I think that is just a flavouring or a scent.

    The coconut oil you show here on your site looks great and this is the one I’ll try first.

    Thanks for this informative article.

    1. I love my coconut oil!! I use coconut oil for just about EVERYTHING!!

      From cooking to hair to body moisturizer. My skin looks great and my hair feels amazing.

      You’re right about the commercial bought coconut shampoos. It is a scent and most definitely not as good as the real thing.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


  6. Ii love using coconut oil and am aware of its many benefits so it was enjoyable reading this article to reaffirm that its great to use. One major controversy was whether using coconut oil for cooking purposes causes a lot of cholesterol and whether it should not be used for cooking. Do you agree?

    1. Coconut oil’s saturated fat is made up mostly of medium-chain triglycerides thus making it easier for the body to digest and break down. As with all things, though, there is always the chance of over-using coconut oil, too. I have replaced all my butter needs with a small dab of coconut oil as well as all my cooking needs. Instead of using regular oil I use a small amount of coconut oil. And, always organic!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  7. Hey there,
    Very interesting article about coconut oil. I never knew coconuts where nuts, seeds, and fruits!
    I have been eating coconut oil for the past 2 years and I’m loving it.
    I have lots of energy and much less food and carbohydrate cravings.
    I also cook with coconut oil instead of vegetable oil and believe there are many benefits to that as well.
    Thank you for the very well put together post!

    1. That’s great! So happy to know you enjoyed reading my article.

      Many people still are vague on coconut and its health benefits.
      I am happy to spread the word and help people along.

      Thank you for leaving a comment!

  8. I have been using coconut oil for years. One thing I really like to use it for that was not discussed in this article was; I use it as a carrier for essential oils. For instance, before I rub tea tree and lavender on my skin I mix it with coconut oil. The best part is one 32oz jar of coconut oil will last for about a year or so!

    1. Thank you so much for bringing this up! Yes, it’s a great carrier for essential oils. What a great idea, tea tree and lavender in a 32oz jar!!
      Love it! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment =)

  9. hi!
    Ok well you have sold me! I am ordering the jar of coconut oil! But is the oil inside in a solid form? Or does it solidify over time? I knew that coconut oil had benefits but never knew that it had so many! I have struggled with various digestive issues for a long time. I typically use fennel and peppermint to help with digestion but I will be adding coconut oil to the list of ingredients. So it is just a matter of drinking a teaspoon in between meals?

    1. Hi there! It comes in solid form, but easily liquifies. I take a teaspoon, scoop it out of the jar and pop it right into my mouth! But, if that doesn’t suit you, you can warm it by holding over small flame or microwaving for a few seconds. The type of coconut oil I am showing here is the one I’ve been using for many years, and it is consistent each time I order. Thank you for your comment, and let me know how you are using it when you get it. Would love to hear back from you!

  10. I’ve just started to use coconut oil for cooking instead of butter and olive oil. It is definitely a great source of healthy fats which most people don’t understand how important it is to get. What a great source of information you have provided here. I hope you sell lots of this most important ingredient for our diets. Really well done.

    1. Thank you, Peter! I know, too many people eating all the wrong fats. Coconut Oil has been a part of our lives for a very long time and the benefits are huge! We also use coconut oil as our ‘butter’ when we eat our toast. Tastes great and good for us!

      Thanks for the comment!

  11. Wow great website love the article.Did not know that there were so many uses for coconut oil! Do you think that coconut will help me with eczema , my skin is really bad and have tried bunch of different creams and lotions?Thanks again found this information very useful and, would definitely recommend to my friends and family.

    1. The antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-fungal AND antimicrobial properties of coconut oil can help heal and soothe your itchy, dry flare ups due to the inflammation from your eczema. The good fat, which is lauric acid is the same fat found in mother’s breast milk; contains healing properties to help with skin problems.

      Definitely give it a try and let me know!

      Thank you for your comment.

  12. The coconut truly is great. Is there anything it can’t do? I’ve heard of people using coconut oil for everything from a substitute for toothpaste to remedies for heart problems. My big question is how to get it. Can I trust the brands in the supermarket? Can I get benefits from eating products claim to have coconut in them?

    Thanks you for providing all this great information to the public. I will definitely try to include coconut in my diet.

    1. I know it’s true, what can’t coconut do, pretty much everything! The coconut oil I posted with this article is the same one we use in our home. You can find good Organic Coconut Oil at any natural organic food store, like a Whole Foods or a Natural Grocery. Thanks for your comment!

  13. Hello Meherbani, Thanks for posting. I’m guessing from the picture that this comes in a solid form, like “Crisco”. You mention it’s good for an energy boost instead of caffeine. How do you ingest it? Just eat a spoonful? Heat it up to liquefy it? Mix it with something else? It sounds like the best type is the unrefined. Is it a lot more expensive than the refined type?. Nice to see that it is available on line.
    Good luck and keep posting

    1. Yes, it does come in the form like “Crisco” but it is oh so much healthier for your body! To answer your question, I use a small teaspoon for a quick energy boost, right out of the container. I also use a bit on my toast instead of butter, and I cook with coconut oil for all my cooking needs.

      The best type of coconut oil is un-refined, and it is not too much more than un-refined.
      Paying for quality is worth your health.

      Thanks for your comment!

  14. What a wonderful piece on something I had had in coconut creme pie but not much else.
    I had no idea how wonderfully versatile a simple coconut could be.

    I had heard that there was concern about cholesterol with tropical oils does this seem to be the case with coconut oil as well?
    I really enjoyed my read and the look and feel of your site thanks for the great information my best,

    1. You bring up a great point! Yes, the coconut is full of saturated fats. But not all fats are bad for you. The saturated fat in coconut oil is lauric acid. This is a saturated fat that is actually beneficial, and can help boost your “good” cholesterol, the high-density lipoprotein.

      Still, too much of a good thing can turn out bad if over-used.

      It is known that too much saturated fat is bad for you, especially if you have a lot of other cholesterol foods in your diet, such as meat, poultry and dairy foods.

      If you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, coconut oil is the best way to receive the essential fatty acids and good cholesterol your would otherwise not get.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving this great comment!

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