Benefits of Dry Sauna – Boost Your Metabolism

Benefits of Dry Sauna

Benefits of dry sauna

The traditional (Finnish) sauna is a dry sauna.  

Sauna therapy has been used for thousands of years.
The “sweat lodge” was the way our Native Americans would heal themselves.

Sweating was their ritual to would ward off disease and cleanse all internal organs.

They knew it then and we know it now.

We are lucky to have the opportunity to do regular sweats with saunas these days.

Benefits of Dry Sauna:

  • The internal cleanse that goes on with a good sweat is far beyond what you will get from any other place.
  • Sweating thru sauna sessions have been proven to remove heavy metals.
  • Deep internal sweating, has multiple health benefits, including pain relief in joints and muscles.
  • Due to the intensity of the heat, the body’s core temperature will begin to rise, blood vessels begin to dilate causing increased blood flow, which creates a healthier environment for internal organs. 

This increased blood flow causes healing in the most profound way.

The wood burning sauna is the closest to the ancient Finnish saunas—a simple, natural experience where wood is used to heat the sauna rocks and the sauna room.

The majority of the stoves used in these are continuously heated stoves, in which the wood is being burned in the stove during the sauna bathing.

Although wood-burning saunas can achieve quite high temperatures—if desired, the user can create the desired temperature by the controlling the rate of burn in the stove.

Wood-burning stoves are commercially available, and today’s stoves are very efficient and care-free.

Dry Heat Sauna

A Sauna is a room with very high heat which is designed to help promote your health. Utilizing a dry sauna the heat used is from a wood stove. The sauna is sealed to contain the heat and temperatures can reach up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically, a dry sauna is lower in temperature than a steam sauna. 

Benefit of Dry Sauna

Other Benefits of Dry Sauna:

Better Circulation

While sitting in a dry sauna, your heart rate tends to be higher than normal.

A study from Harvard Medical School has found, the pulse rate will increase by 30 percent.
Because of this, your blood will flow double the rate than normal.

This helps with people suffering from poor circulation by increasing blood flow to the feet, arms, hands and legs. 

Since the heat in a dry sauna will cause you to sweat and open pores, toxins will be removed and drained from your body by way of healthier circulating blood. 

Healthier Metabolism

While sitting in a dry sauna, your metabolism speeds up by increased blood flow and better circulation throughout your body.  Because of this, your body tends to burn fat more than not and your chances of weight loss increases.  

Most weight loss is due from sweating, so it is important to drink plenty of water during your sauna sweats as this will help regulate your heart and keep your organs functioning optimally.

After 5-6 sauna sessions, you will eventually begin to shed not only water weight but also fat weight.

The biggest claim I have on this is my own weight-loss of 50 pounds. Between using my sauna, daily, along with exercise and healthy eating habits, I was able to achieve the desired weight I am happy living with today. 

It is important to drink at least 32 ounces of water for every 1/2 hour of profuse sweating.

Benefits of Dry Sauna

Detoxing Drugs from the body. 

There are many claims of people going through detox with a dry sauna.  Detoxing, not only heavy metals and everyday toxins but the kind of detoxing people go through when they are coming off of drugs.

These drugs can be over the counter pharmaceuticals or street drugs. 

When applying this method of detoxing drugs from your body, it is important to have a trained medical professional guide you through this type of cleansing.  

There are many claims of people re-experiencing ‘drug highs’ during their sauna session. The increase blood flow coupled with a rapid heart rate brings latent drugs back into the blood stream causing potential drug-related experiences. The use of Niacin is used to help ‘push’ drugs out of your system.

This vitamin is taken before your sauna session begins after walking or jogging for at least 20 minutes. The exercise helps distribute the niacin into your blood’s circulation and increases a better chance of detox while in the sauna. 

Your body will go through a ‘flush’ as the niacin is working in your blood. 

There are several studies showing how niacin can also improve your good cholesterol levels while at the same time reducing triglycerides just as effectively as prescription medication.  

Niacin is used to help combat the hardening of the body’s arteries and can help prevent heart attacks. Studies show niacin to actually reverse signs of impending heart disease. 

During a good sauna session, which is, at least, 30 minutes of profuse sweating, niacin will dilate vessels causing circulation to not only improve but help flush out toxicity from your blood. 

Millions have used sauna therapy to help rid their bodies of toxic waste build-up.

 More benefits of dry sauna:

  • Your body’s flexibility increases with ease and less discomfort.
  • Your skin will begin to literally glow from the constant blood flow.
  • People suffering from fibromyalgia have reported less pain following sauna.
  • People who suffer from insomnia are getting full nights rest with deep sleep.

People all over the world are beginning to take notice of the tremendous benefits of using saunas regularly in their lives.

Health clubs and spas are making them available for everyone to enjoy and use regularly. 

Many people are beginning to see the importance of creating a time in their day for a good healthy sweat. Not only is it improving your skin’s radiance but it is also improving your health by way of releasing old stored toxic buildup.

It is no wonder that people are creating beautiful handcrafted saunas for their homes. You will see all kinds of handcrafted saunas in most yards these days. 

I’ve had the great privilege of doing many sweats in my life. These sweats have changed my life in the most profound way, and I am now wanting to share it with the public so you too can experience the great effects of using a sauna. 

There are many different saunas to choose from.

If you are living in a small apartment or a condo, Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna by Durasage for Relaxation at Home, 60 Min Timer – Pink is an excellent choice. I personally have used this and they are easy to set-up and clean.  It is the perfect sauna for a small space. 

For those of you who want a beautiful handcrafted traditional dry heat sauna that will compliment your yard, click here to see the details for ordering online and having it delivered to your home.

There are many different saunas to choose from these days.
Take the time to check out the different styles for your specific needs.


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  2. Meherbani,
    Do not know if there are any dry sauna’s around here. I have seen steam room sauna’s in some motels and at one YMCA. From your article it looks like it would be good for your body. How often do you recommend using the dry sauna?

  3. I’ll be honest, last time I went in a sauna, I didn’t last long at all – the heat felt like too much for me! Although I was very young at the time and was not aware of all these health benefits you’ve listed!

    It makes sense, thinking about it, that it’s so beneficial to the health. I can only imagine ho many toxins build up in blood and organs which stop our organs from functioning properly.

    Are saunas good for the lungs too? I have had a lot of mucus on my chest am desperate to get rid of it.

    Thanks very much – nice article.


    1. I don’t think I would like going into a sauna at a young age! to claustrophobic, not to mention HOT!
      YES .. Saunas are great for the lungs. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re trying to break up mucus.
      Thanks for the comment, Hannah!

  4. As I read your article I quickly got up and drunk some water and cayenne pepper. Why? For blood circulation. You article on Sauna benefits inspired me to go grab it.

    I remember working out at LA FITNESS and taking advantage of their sauna room, it was amazing (that with the steam room).

    Q: What are the major difference (in benefits) with the sauna room and the steam room? Thanks for your information

    Be Bless

    1. That’s awesome, Terrance! love water and cayenne pepper. Maple syrup with cayenne pepper and a little bit of lemon helps control sugar levels with diabetics. The major difference between the sauna and steam room is the way your body heats up. Deep core heating happens with a sauna. The steam room usually heats you up quickly. Ever notice how quickly you begin to sweat in a steam room? Thanks for you comment and please stop by again as I build out my site!

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