10 Foods that Relieve Stress

Feeling Stressed?

What you ingest directly affects the way you think, feel and behave. 

Many people have either been made to move away from their neighborhoods of 40 years or longer to those who are seriously stressing out trying to figure out how things have gotten so out of control.

Communities that have served families for generations suddenly realize the reality of needing to move from what offered security and familiarity for many years are up in arms of how to move on and get on with it.

There are way too many that have less than those few who have way too much.
The balance of equality is so completely out of balance causing such disarray and sadness among many.

Ten Foods That Relieve StressThe amount of pressure is unprecedented these days, and rightly so.
Unless you have a strong background with a reliable support system, you must take small steps to help yourself overcome these new realities.

For those of you who have a stable support system with solid backgrounds, you too must take precautions.

We all face life with its stressors and unforeseen obstacles, and the foods that we consume can make our lives easier or harder depending on what we ingest.

Many foods reduce stress, but it takes a certain amount of commitment to implement this into your everyday lives. It is not too hard to do once you decide to take charge of your health and well-being actively.

What you consume will make all the difference with how with how you cope with life.

Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is one thing, drinking coffee all day long is entirely another thing.

A little caffeine can do wonders to get your day started but relying on the constant caffeine rush is opposite of maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Blowing out your nervous system is just not worth it. I prefer to drink green tea as it is less acidic than coffee and contains enough caffeine (about 40 mg per cup) to get me going.

To be completely honest, I love a good cup of coffee, now and then, but I am sure not to overdo it and keep it to one cup in the morning.

While I do love a good cup of coffee I tend to save it for the days I feel I need the extra caffeine and I am sure to keep it to once a week sometimes once per month.

Caffeine will over stimulate my nervous system causing problems that were not there prior.

So, while I do love me a good cup of coffee, I am aware I must only have it sparingly to help my mind, body, and psyche keep calm.

It is good to remember; all things in moderation are essential to a well-balanced life.

Let’s look at ten foods that relieve stress:Ten Foods That Relieves Stress

1- Raspberries

Raspberries contain an enormous amount of vitamin C. The health benefits of Ascorbic Acid, known as vitamin C, helps in the treatment of scurvy, the common cold, lead toxicity and much more.

The list is long.

But for the sake of this article, I want to point out that raspberries help lower hypertension, as well as help, alleviate many other ailments.

This reason alone is well worth the effort to add raspberries to your everyday meal munchie instead of chips, cookies or whatever else that contributes to hypertension as opposed to helping alleviate it.

Ten Foods That Relieve Stress

2- Avocados

Avocados contain tons of potassium. Potassium is a vital mineral which your body relies on to function most accurately.

Avocados also help lower blood pressure by readjusting the negative trappings of too much salt usage in your diet. Our kidneys are the organs in which help control blood pressure. Too much fluid and your blood pressure will be high.

Eating avocados regularly instead of other foods, such as greasy fast foods, will help alleviate your day to day stress level.

The lack of potassium in your diet can lead to depression and anxiety.

Studies have shown that low potassium levels to be linked to depression and anxiety with symptoms causing hypertension and mood disorders.

Eat avocados to help increase your levels of potassium; they are not only excellent but perfect for you.

3- Garlic 

Ten foods that relieve stress

To maintain a  healthy lifestyle while detoxing your internal organs and rebuilding brain function as well as your entire nervous system, eat garlic!

Many foods reduce stress and consuming garlic is most definitely one of them.

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a slow, tricky and malicious disorder that can lead to untimely death at worst and an unpleasant existence for your day to day at best.

Eating garlic, rawly is best, but if you must cook with it be sure not to overheat as the chemical compounds lose its effectiveness.

Studies have shown garlic to improve blood pressure with those suffering from hypertension.

Once you learn how to lower your blood pressure with the use of natural remedies such as consuming garlic you will be delighted to know there are many recipes to help you along your path to well-being.

4- Walnuts

Ten Foods That Relieve Stress

Walnuts have been researched for some time now making this a nut eaters dream. Many vegetarians get their protein from walnuts and other nuts, but it is this particular one, the walnut, proven to show the extra special something which helps boost our brain function as well as stabilize our mood swings. 

Walnuts help boost levels of melatonin and antioxidants which are naturally occurring hormones in our bodies.

Eating these nuts will moderate your body’s internal timing as melatonin is mostly known for regulating our inner body’s clock.

Click on image

Melatonin is a hormone produced in our pineal gland primarily related to determining our sleep habits.

Walnuts contain a valuable amount of tryptophan; known as the sleep-enhancing amino acid which helps produce serotonin and melatonin.

Walnuts are pretty much a super food in many ways, containing massive amounts of phytochemicals such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, therefore, offering up tremendous potential benefits to the longevity of a healthy brain. (1)

One cup of ground walnuts offers up a full 12 gram serving of protein.

An excellent way to eat walnuts is to add them to your salads providing that extra nutritious value, or adding them to yogurt along with raisins and bananas.

 5- Bananas

Ten Foods That Relieve Stress


Bananas are incredible when it comes to maintaining your health. One medium sized banana contains 422 mg of potassium, which we now know is an essential element for the maintenance of a well-balanced, healthy mind.

The daily recommendation for potassium is 4700 mg, and according to the National Health and Nutrition Survey, less than 2 % of United States adults meet these requirements. (2)

A naturally occurring mineral, potassium is a vital nutrient for overall well-being; for both mental and physical health.

Just like walnuts, bananas also contain tryptophan.

Tryptophan is converted into serotonin helping to calm our minds while providing loads of potassium and B vitamins for soothing our nervous system.

In our homes, we only buy organic bananas.

The difference is incredible.

Just taste an organic vs. a non-organic banana, and you will see how perfect the organic banana smells tastes and digests.

For a delicious Banana Nut Bread recipe please take a look at this: Banana Nut Bread Recipe

6- Mushrooms

Ten Foods that relieve stress


Mushrooms contain chemical properties known to dispute insulin, which helps keep your blood sugar level from reaching too high ( hyperglycemia) or reach levels too low (hypoglycemia).  Eating mushrooms help will stabilize your moods tremendously.

Mushrooms help your gut by promoting healthy bacteria acting more like a probiotic, creating healthy intestinal bacteria, and with a smooth functioning intestinal lining, the rest of your body will flourish as all nutrients come through your intestines.

Did you know your gut is responsible for 80 to 90 percent of your body’s serotonin?

This information is super valuable to know as our body’s serotonin is the hypercritical neurotransmitter which keeps us sane and our moods stabilized.

We cannot ignore the health of our intestines as it is the most important vehicle in our bodies that deliver all essential and vital nutrients.

7- Onions

Ten Foods That Relieve Stress

Onions possess incredible antioxidant qualities such as flavonoids and soluble fiber. Both known to fight free radicals.  Not only do these flavonoids help thin your blood but they also decrease inflammation while creating a hostile environment for cancer cells to thrive.

Onions combined with the already digested proteins in your body, the sulfur components help stimulate the formulation of amino acids in your brain, creating the proper functioning of the bodies entire nervous system.

While your body is functioning at its best through proper nutrition, your nervous system is ensured to work appropriately with symptoms of depression, stress or any other mental fatigue critically minimized. (3)

8- Dark Leafy Greens

Ten Foods That Relieve Stress

Not too many other foods can compare to dark green veggies as they are the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.  Swiss chard, kale, spinach, green beans, asparagus are only a handful of what is available to pick from your local grocery store.

Always buy organic if you can, the less the soil and seeds are messed with the better.  It is well known and scientifically backed that these rich dark greens help keep your body protected and armed ready to fight any precancerous or cancerous cells that may be trying to invade.

Severe depression is related to the intensity of brain inflammation. And, because these dark greens are known to fight against all types of inflammation in the body, they are also known to decrease stress and depression which arise from inflammation of the brain.

Dark greens like kale and spinach are packed with minerals, vitamins, and fiber as well as contain alpha-linolenic acid, a wealthy omega-3 fatty acid. (4)

9- Blueberries

My all-time favorite berry is the blueberry.

I grew up with blueberry pies, muffins, preserves and just about anything else blueberry.

Blueberries have the highest concentration of the antioxidant known as anthocyanin.

Research suggests that anthocyanins may provide cancer protection, promote excellent heart health as well as improve overall brain function.

Better brain function equals to a mindless stressed.

Our brains contain thoughts that can be sometimes overwhelming, but if we learn to eat right and treat our mind as a delicate yet resilient organ, we can direct how much stress or melancholy we allow into our lives.

While looking for blueberries don’t cheat yourself and buy the cheap inorganic ones.

As with all foods that are not fresh or organic, you will not achieve the same results if you were to pay a little bit more and buy organic.

10- Turmeric

my favorite turmeric, click on the image for more info

I can’t remember a time I have not used turmeric while creating dinner for my family.  We are hooked on this amazing spice. Curcuminoids is the antioxidant in turmeric, and I honestly feel I have become a turmeric addict.

The taste, smell and texture of turmeric mixed in with my foods is otherworldly delicious and has created elevated moods within me for which I am always grateful.

The curcuminoid in turmeric has a neuroprotective quality that helps enhance one’s mood.

In a researched study, turmeric was used in a randomized controlled trial and was shown to be a most useful option for major depressive disorders closely tied to severe anxiety disorders. (5)


Stress is real but so are the options for dealing with it.

The brain is the most elaborate and sophisticated organ in our body made of billions of nerve cells, neurons, and many other cells all protected by our skull.  We are supernatural beings, and we all come with unique circumstances.

Learning how to deal with our anxiety is paramount to leading a long healthy lifestyle without having to resort to big pharma and all the endless medications.

I invite you to try any one of the above and please do leave a comment if you have had or do have anxiety.  We can all learn from each other, with ways to combat the hardships we all face in these times we are living.

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12 Replies to “10 Foods that Relieve Stress”

  1. Thanks for this useful insight on these 10 ‘super’ foods. I must admit, I knew of the powerful properties of turmeric, but I just don’t like its flavor, so I think it may be best for my stress levels if I leave it out of my diet. But, I never knew about raspberry and walnut to be as good. I love both foods, and now I know how good they are for our mental and general well being, oh yes I shall go for them!!

  2. Hello, I myself have also written articles on the benefits of foods and the vitamins they provide. it is so amazing to know that there are foods that are stress relievers where we don’t have to rely on drugs that have so many side effects going natural is good. Your post is well detailed with a ton of information.

    1. I don’t think there are enough articles out there to help educate the masses.
      Grateful that you are teaching and researching the benefits of foods for wellness.

      I appreciate your comment 🙂

  3. I eat dark leafy greens almost every day. Banana fruit is my favourite. Good that both are good for stress. I love turmeric too, using it to season chicken or fish, yummy.
    I used to eat walnuts to reduce cholesterol. But has stopped as I read an article that says it is acidic. High acidity contributes to body ache which is one of my health issues. How to do feel about this?

    1. Yes, walnuts can be too acidic if you eat too many. The recommended daily amount for consuming walnuts is 2! That is not a whole lot when you think about it but it’s enough to get the benefits from them and not hurt your body with acidity. When you think about what a small teeny pill can do to your overall well-being, it will make sense that the power of eating one walnut is enough to help your dietary needs. Thanks for leaving a comment.

      1. Oh dear! Only 2 walnuts per day? I took too many then, which causes my shoulder ache. Thank you so much for this piece of information.

        1. When we think about food it is a good idea to think of it as our medicine. Littlest of pills do grandiose things to our bodies and our minds.
          Two walnuts are plenty if you crush them and sprinkle them on whatever it is you are eating. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Dear Meherbani!
    Thank you very much for your interesting post!
    As a doctor I would like to agree with all written above.

  5. Very informative! Luckily for me bananas, blueberries and avocados are in my normal diet so I’m in the right direction! Bananas have a lot of benefits including decreasing menstrual cramps, a superfood! I’m definitely going to tell my mom about this list since unfortunately she’s on high blood pressure meds and I’m sure stress is a factor. Great article 🙂

  6. Very interesting post. I am feel happy that I use most of the product in my kitchen. I am not very good with onions, would you suggest another option to deliver all the goods from onion? My stomach doesn’t like, it , I am not sure why. Would garlic be a good replacement?

  7. Excellent Post
    Awesome, Now a days people were suffering with inner disease called stress. Stress is the leading killer for our valuable life these days
    You narrated different types of food that cures stress was excellent
    Especially bananas it contains potassium, especially for brains it is good
    And for turmeric, It is staple food in our country
    Thank you

    1. I don’t think I can live without either turmeric or bananas these days!!  You’re right, stress is the leading killer for a valuable life.  Hoping people will begin to realize it is unnecessary to stress too much and to pay attention to what they consume.  Thank you for leaving a comment 🙂

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